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Nike Air Max 1 White Yellow DX2954-001 Refreshing and sultry summer exclusive color matching!

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New Jordans Release 2022 Refreshing and sultry summer exclusive color matching! The new Air Max 1 official map exposure! Air Max 1 has always been a favorite of street players with its retro and versatile shape and the iconic window air cushion. For now, Air Max 1 is not only a professional jogging shoe, but also a cultural shoe, because of its unique streamlined design, slightly retro appearance, and lightweight design makes her popular among young people. Especially in Europe and the United States, Air Max 1 has become a symbol of trends and culture, and you can even see her in various extreme sports!
Recently, Nike has created a new summer color scheme for this classic shoe and released the official image.The whole pair of shoes adopts gray, white and yellow tones, the visual effect is quite refreshing, and at the same time presents a sense of summer exclusive vitality. The frame of the shoe body is made of pebbled leather with outstanding texture, and the nylon fabric of the toe cap ensures a certain degree of breathability. The silk-like satin fabric on the upper and tongue brings a delicate touch, and with the Nike Swoosh embroidery on the heel, it is more visually refined. Finished with a windowed Air Max unit and an ink-splattered rubber outsole.
Although the Air Max 1 is a timeless classic, it is undeniable that the air cushion of the Air Max 1 is a bit outdated in the minds of some people who pursue comfort. Therefore, NIKE sportswear has launched many new Air Max running shoes on the basis of Air Max 1, the main popular ones are Air Max 95, Air Max 97, Air Max 180, Nike Air Max 90, Air Max powerwall and so on. Among them, I have to mention the Air Max 90. It can be said that the Air Max 90 is the real answer to the Air Max 1. So far, it has returned to the Air Max as a cultural shoe, because the appearance of the Air Max 90 is similar to the appearance of the Air Max 1. . At the same time, the Air Max 90 has enlarged and thickened the air cushion of the Air Max 1, widened the sole, and played a better stability effect. It can be said that Air Max 1 and Air Max 90 are like a pair of father and son! At present, the new color matching Air Max 1 will be officially released in the near future. There is no specific date and price to be released. Friends who like it may wish to continue to pay attention to our follow-up. Report!
Nike Air Max 1
Item number: DX2954-001


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