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Nike Air Force 1 React Mint Foam DM0573-101 I want both the appearance and the foot feel!

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I want both face value and foot feel! New Jordans Release 2022 See you for the first time on the new AF1 “split” upper! One of Nike’s most popular shoes, the Air Force 1 has been around for 40 years. Nike has also continuously launched derivative versions, which continue to inject vitality into this pair of “old shoes”. Air Force 1 React is one of them, which not only improves the foot feel significantly, but also incorporates many popular design elements.
Recently, the new color matching Nike Air Force 1 React released the official picture, the value is quite interesting, come and see! The biggest feature of the whole pair of shoes is the “slit” upper, the toe cap is made of sail white leather, and the rear section is replaced with a translucent cicada-like material. The internal structure of lime and light blue is looming, and the visual effect is quite impressive. for unique. The details are also very rich. The double-layer Swoosh on the side of the shoe body and the stacking of left-edge pieces are full of deconstruction style. The asymmetrical pink shoelace holes inside and outside and the level reversal design of the toe are also worth pondering. Through the simple and modern geometric shape of the outsole, you can see the React foam inside. The interesting design echoes the polka-dot shoe lift at the end of the shoe, which is full of modernity and vitality.
At present, the new color matching Nike Air Force 1 React has been released recently, priced at $88. Friends who like it may wish to continue to pay attention to our follow-up reports!
Nike Air Force 1 React
Item number: DM0573-101


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