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How to be a Great Dad

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I’ve got a baby on the way, and aside from patience and love, I have little idea about what it takes to be a great dad.

I’m looking for resources on what practices and habits help to give our children the best chance at a truly happy and meaningful life.

I’ll post some of the sources I’ve found on my own to get the ball rolling!

  1. Website

    According to a survey by Esquire Magazine, more than a third of men spend about the same amount of time caring for their kids as their spouse does. That’s how it is around the McKay household and I wouldn’t want it any other way; I love being a really involved, hands-on dad. I know a lot of men in my generation feel similarly; according to that same Esquire survey, men ages 18-29 are much more likely to spend as much, or even more time with their kids than their spouses. Yet desire doesn’t always translate immediately into ability.

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  2. Website

    From what to pack for school lunch, to how to cope with social media, school bullying, traveling with kids and tackling career goals – we’re revisiting 25 of your favourite parenting articles.

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  3. Website

    Being a father can be a wonderful thing, once you get past all the gross stuff, all the stressful events, the loss of privacy, and the bewildering numbers of ways you can screw it up.

    But other than those few things, fatherhood is wonderful.

    Every dad has fears that he won’t be a great dad, that he’ll mess up, that he’ll be a failure. It comes with the job…..

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  4. Website

    BabyCenter is the world’s number one digital parenting resource, with content that reaches more than 100 million people monthly. In the United States, 7 in 10 new and expectant moms online use BabyCenter. Around the globe, BabyCenter content is available in nine different languages, and more than 50 million parents visit BabyCenter’s 11 websites every month.

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  5. Website

    Put them together in a same room with their children and it is easy to see how fathers are different from mothers. The fathers are more physical – throwing the baby up in the air much to the mothers horror. They are more direct and action oriented – Do it now! – while mother seems to explain and explain – I’m only saying this because when you get older and you…. – not seeing their child’s eyes glazing over. It’s said that children learn their sense of humor from their fathers, humor often serving as a male defense against difficult emotions. Fathers teach their kids how to take charge.

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  6. Website

    Inside: If you want to know the secret of how to be a good father, here are the simple things great dads do that will mean a lot to your child.

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  7. Website

    Nobody said being a good father was easy. No matter what age your child is or how many children you have, you have to know that a father’s work is never done. To be a good father, you have to be present, be a good disciplinarian and role model, and be sympathetic to your children’s needs without being a pushover. If you want to know how to be a good father, just follow these steps.

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  8. Video

    Emphasizing high-quality instructional video production, Howcast brings you leading experts and accurate, reliable information on topics ranging from makeup tutorials, cute hairstyles, and nail art designs to soccer tricks, parkour, and skateboarding, plus how to dougie, how to kiss, and much, much more. Howcast empowers people with engaging, useful how-to information wherever, whenever they need to know how.

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  9. Video

    Whether you are a new dad, soon to be dad, or an experienced father, Dad University offers dad advice and tips that you don’t learn in school. Founded by Jason Kreidman, the channel’s purpose is to focuses on how to be a dad in the current times. The video topics range from first time dad tips to educating fathers on ways they can enhance their own lives.

    We launch a new dad advice video every Thursday afternoon. Subscribe to Dad University and enjoy the journey of fatherhood with us!

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  10. Video

    Adventures in parenting from a father’s point of view. Includes 24 hours with a newborn baby, 24 hours with 2 toddlers and now 24 hours with 2 children!

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  11. Book

    Few authors are better prepared to write about fatherhood than John C. Carr, a social worker and psychotherapist who understands the psychological development of both infants and men. And, as a dad of three, he’s on the front lines of fathering.
    Carr covers not only practical “how-tos,” but also the more elusive, emotional side of being a father. Plus, he discusses the crucial impact a father’s presence has on his child-and why he should be present right from the start.
    Men will find reassurance, as well as the insights and skills needed to manage work, family expectations, and their own needs as they adapt to their new role.

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  12. Book

    Revised and expanded for the second edition, this text provides an action-packed, month-by-month guide to all the emotional, financial and even physical changes a father-to-be may experience during the course of his partner’s pregnancy.

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  13. Book

    At Last! A Beginner’s Guide to Newborn Baby Technology

    You’ve programmed your VCR, you’ve reinstalled Microsoft Windows, you can even check your e-mail on your Palm Pilot. But none of this experience will prepare you for the world’s biggest technological marvel: a newborn baby.

    Through step-by-step instructions and helpful schematic diagrams, The Baby Owner’s Manual explores hundreds of frequently asked questions: What’s the best way to swaddle a baby? How can I make my newborn sleep through the night? When should I bring the baby to a doctor for servicing? Whatever your concerns, you’ll find the answers here—courtesy of celebrated pediatrician Dr. Louis Borgenicht and his son, Joe Borgenicht. Together, they provide plenty of useful advice for anyone who wants to learn the basics of childcare.

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  14. Book

    An indispensable survival manual for guys entering the trenches of fatherhood, Be Prepared is loaded with one-of-a-kind insights, MacGyver-esque tips and tricks, and no-nonsense advice for mastering the first year as a dad.
    Finally, a book that teaches men all the things they really need to know about fatherhood.

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